A debate that’s getting more and more heated as technology gets better is the old battle between going to the game in person or watching at a sports bar. At a place like Christopher’s Sports Tavern, you get the comfort of air conditioning, 36 HD TV’s, party tables, and booths with their own TVs – and that’s just the beginning. With over 23 craft beers, you can have more fun at our Springfield, Massachusetts sports bar than the cost of parking down at the stadium. Before you pack up the family and shell out some serious dough for inevitably bad seats and expensive Budweiser, consider coming down to Christopher’s Sports Tavern the next time you want to watch the game.

1. The View. While nothing compares to a courtside view of a basketball game, most people have a tendency to romanticize the virtue of being at a game. Consider professional football: you simply can’t see all the intricacies that you can on TV. Let the network do all the work for you so that you can sit back and relax.

2. The Booze. You like warm Bud Light, right? Oh wait, you don’t? We’re not ones to complain about the alcohol selection at a sporting event, but if we can choose, we choose the variety of ice cold beer selection every time!

3. The Food. We love a stadium hot dog like any other sane human, but our food beats stadium food any day in both quality and variety.

4. Service. The sublime pleasure of having a waitress is never more apparent than it is as you miss the 2nd half kickoff because you’re waiting in line to pick up two beers and a pack of peanuts.

5. Socializing. Going to a sporting event is a lot like going to church. People take their teams so seriously that much of the fun of sport manages to get lost along the way. Sports bars have a more casual fan.