1. Variety Is The Spice Of Life at Christopher’s Sports Tavern

    Some people may claim that all sports are identical. They expect the same food, the same drinks, the same predictable ambiance. Christopher’s Sports Tavern however, has been proving this assumption wrong for a number of years. Unlike many other sports bars, Christopher’s prides itself on its large selection meals and appetizers. This includes over 17 different flavors of wings (bone-in and bon…Read More

  2. 5 Reasons To Watch The Game At A Sports Bar: Christopher’s Sports Tavern

    A debate that’s getting more and more heated as technology gets better is the old battle between going to the game in person or watching at a sports bar. At a place like Christopher's Sports Tavern, you get the comfort of air conditioning, 36 HD TV's, party tables, and booths with their own TVs - and that's just the beginning. With over 23 craft beers, you can have more fun at our Springfield, M…Read More

  3. The Great Sports Bar: An Irreplaceable American Staple

    It can be said that sports does something to us. Turning us wild-eyed, picking us up on surges of camaraderie and dropping us off somewhere higher or lower. For some of us, these moments happen in arenas or domes, but for the rest of us these moments take place in sports bars all across America like the one here in Springfield, Massachusetts: Christopher's Sports Tavern. Chistopher's has been loc…Read More