It can be said that sports does something to us. Turning us wild-eyed, picking us up on surges of camaraderie and dropping us off somewhere higher or lower. For some of us, these moments happen in arenas or domes, but for the rest of us these moments take place in sports bars all across America like the one here in Springfield, Massachusetts: Christopher’s Sports Tavern. Chistopher’s has been locally owned and operating at 5 Town Plaza in Springfield, MA and has come to be known for their great food, drinks, and sports.

With 23 craft beers on tap, we have one of the best selections around. 36 HD TVs and 11 party tables plus booths with their own TVs give Christopher’s just the right amount of comfort and space for catching a quick game during lunch or bringing the friends down to watch the playoffs. You won’t find a place you love more to watch sporting events!

Where we gather is important because being a sports fan is communal. We join fan bases without even knowing it and often are born into our various tribes, groups to call our own. Over time, our teams become extensions of ourselves. We say “we won” and “we failed.” Our co-tribemates become our cohabitants in our sort-of-chosen communities. We sing together. We dress alike. We always wear the same colors. Being together, win or lose, is as much a part of being a fan as having a favorite player or booing your enemy. Here at Christopher’s Sports Tavern, we provide a place to do just this and more. Come check us out today!